Day One Entry: Mar 26, 2016

Not much to report today, I went into Page to get a haircut and went to the library to upload a video. The wind has picked up again, and it is rather cool, which has motivated me to stay inside.

The debate rages on about my post defending post processing. I respect everyone's opinions, and it is clear that is no right or wrong answer. We get caught up in the semantics and never find common ground. I have decided to not partake in the discussion after this post calms down, there is simply no point to it. I must focus on my art and continue to push forward, and push the limits. I will not be defined as a photographer, instead as an artist working in the medium of photography.

I stopped by the Glen Canyon visitor center on my way back to camp, I couldn't help but to feel sadness for the loss of Glen Canyon, but I do still want to get on the lake to get a greater appreciation of what it has become. I found it ironic to see Edward Abbey's books in the visitors center, who wrote about a faux revolution to have the dam removed. I'm sure many of those that work for the park service would like to see it removed and the canyon returned to it's original state. I do hope to see this in my lifetime.

55°F Clear Lake Powell, Kanab, UT, United States

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