Day One Entry: Apr 12, 2016

After a rest day I was ready for another adventure and some serious excercise. One of the guides had told me about his favorite hike in the area, Spencer Trail near Lee's Ferry. The hike was a steep one, 1600 vertical feet in only 2 miles, nearly non stop uphill to the top of the vermillion cliffs. I had not been to Lee's Ferry before, upon arrival near the river I was immediately struck by the beauty. There was also something magically indescribable about this place, it felt spiritual. I need to spend more time in this area to be sure, but I feel as if I have a deep connection to this place.

As I ascended the trail I was greeted by an incredible amount of lizards, I believe I saw at least twenty during my hike. Along the trail were a variety of wildflowers blooming, only adding to the intense beauty. Arriving at the top I could see stunning views of the mighty Colorado River. To the East I could see the backside of Horseshoe Bend, where the hoards of tourists just blended into the massive walls of red rock like ants. I would much rather be here, alone, listening to the birds and watching the storm clouds brew in the distance.

After the hike I explored the area for campsites, I found a beautiful location near Badger Canyon that overlooks the Colorado River. Getting the trailer back here would be intersting, but well worth the try. I could see spending several weeks here listening to the roaring river below and watching the condors fly overhead.

63°F Clear US Highway 89, Kaibeto, AZ, United States