Day One Entry: Apr 17, 2016

Another cloudy day in Moab, the storm front is starting to push through and I'm hopeful there will be some photographic opportunities this afternoon. Storms are we live for as photographers, but this particular storm was so large that it has been primarily overcast gray skies. I decided to stay out of the wind and process the final photos for my 365 project, but I have been having issues with calibration of my monitor, something went awol in the last month causing my screen to be over saturated, hence many of my recent photos looking very under saturated on everyone elses screens. I did some research and found that the software included with most calibrators is garbage, and found that DisplayCal is much more accurate. Many hours were wasted on this, but it is a necessary part of digital phtography.

52°F Mostly Cloudy 84540, Thompson, UT, United States