Day One Entry: Apr 17, 2016

Another cloudy day in Moab, the storm front is starting to push through and I'm hopeful there will be some photographic opportunities this afternoon. Storms are we live for as photographers, but this particular storm was so large that it has been primarily overcast gray skies. I decided to stay out of the wind and process the final photos for my 365 project, but I have been having issues with calibration of my monitor, something went awol in the last month causing my screen to be over saturated, hence many of my recent photos looking very under saturated on everyone elses screens. I did some research and found that the software included with most calibrators is garbage, and found that DisplayCal is much more accurate. Many hours were wasted on this, but it is a necessary part of digital phtography.

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Day One Entry: Apr 14, 2016

Mostly a day of running errands in Moab, I picked up some new guide books and maps of the area in hopes to find some new locations rather rehashing all the typical icons. My list is growing exponentially, and I am very excited to start exploring when my girlfriend arrives.

I also visitied Faux Falls, an interesting man made waterfall from a tunnel that is diverting water from Mill Creek to the nearby Ken's Lake. This is a popular location that I had somehow avoided to this point. There are many patches of Indian Paintbrush growing around the falls, and it is quite the beautiful location. The spray of the water was refreshing after hiking on this warm day.

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Day One Entry: Apr 13, 2016

Today was a moving day, I drove from Page to Moab, an uneventful 5 hour drive through beautiful country. I was thankful to find a spot in the popular BLM area on Willow Springs Rd, but it was directly on the main road where dirtbikes regularly pass by all day long. So I unhitched and did a bit of exploring down a narrow, rocky section off the main road and was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly secluded spot with just enough room to back the trailer into. It's great to be back in this area surrounded by the towering cliffs of red rock.

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Day One Entry: Apr 12, 2016

After a rest day I was ready for another adventure and some serious excercise. One of the guides had told me about his favorite hike in the area, Spencer Trail near Lee's Ferry. The hike was a steep one, 1600 vertical feet in only 2 miles, nearly non stop uphill to the top of the vermillion cliffs. I had not been to Lee's Ferry before, upon arrival near the river I was immediately struck by the beauty. There was also something magically indescribable about this place, it felt spiritual. I need to spend more time in this area to be sure, but I feel as if I have a deep connection to this place.

As I ascended the trail I was greeted by an incredible amount of lizards, I believe I saw at least twenty during my hike. Along the trail were a variety of wildflowers blooming, only adding to the intense beauty. Arriving at the top I could see stunning views of the mighty Colorado River. To the East I could see the backside of Horseshoe Bend, where the hoards of tourists just blended into the massive walls of red rock like ants. I would much rather be here, alone, listening to the birds and watching the storm clouds brew in the distance.

After the hike I explored the area for campsites, I found a beautiful location near Badger Canyon that overlooks the Colorado River. Getting the trailer back here would be intersting, but well worth the try. I could see spending several weeks here listening to the roaring river below and watching the condors fly overhead.

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Day One Entry: Mar 26, 2016

Not much to report today, I went into Page to get a haircut and went to the library to upload a video. The wind has picked up again, and it is rather cool, which has motivated me to stay inside.

The debate rages on about my post defending post processing. I respect everyone's opinions, and it is clear that is no right or wrong answer. We get caught up in the semantics and never find common ground. I have decided to not partake in the discussion after this post calms down, there is simply no point to it. I must focus on my art and continue to push forward, and push the limits. I will not be defined as a photographer, instead as an artist working in the medium of photography.

I stopped by the Glen Canyon visitor center on my way back to camp, I couldn't help but to feel sadness for the loss of Glen Canyon, but I do still want to get on the lake to get a greater appreciation of what it has become. I found it ironic to see Edward Abbey's books in the visitors center, who wrote about a faux revolution to have the dam removed. I'm sure many of those that work for the park service would like to see it removed and the canyon returned to it's original state. I do hope to see this in my lifetime.

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Day One Entry: Mar 23, 2016

Thankfully the winds calmed down overnight, I now know to avoid 50mph gusts in the trailer. The morning started off much cooler, and I was not motivated to do any shooting, the winds tend to bring my mood down greatly. I am spending the morning in contemplation over whether I should continue engaging the arguments over what is legislate photography, should I be focused on being on artist working in the medium of photography and ignore what anyone else says? Would this help move the photographic arts forward? Possibly, if I lead by example. Marc Adamus and Guy Tal are good examples of not engaging and just doing their art without apologizing for what they are doing.

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