Yankee Boy Basin

Day one of my 2012 wildflower trip started at Yankee Boy Basin, a very well known hot spot in Colorado that I had never been to before. The landscape was vast and extremely impressive, but due to the extreme drought in Colorado this year the wildflowers were sparse and could only be found at 12,000ft where the temperatures were cooler.


I had the entire basin to myself, except for this guy...


I wasn't expecting anything fantastic for the sunset but I waited it out and was rewarded with dark red light hitting the peaks and lighting up the clouds with pink and purple hues.


In the morning I photographed this small glacial lake at the top of yankee boy.



Just as the sun was about to bathe this waterfall in bright harsh light I caught the perfect moment of transition.



I look forward to coming back to Yankee Boy Basin during a good wildflower season, here's hoping for average snowpack next year!