Porphyry Basin

On day 3 of my trip the weather began to change and thunderstorms would become more prevalent for the rest of the trip, from my prior online scouting I knew Porphyry Basin would be a good location for an overcast day, with much potential for intimate landscapes. This often photographed waterfall was surrounded by very colorful wildflowers.


Along the hillsides around the river there were many columbines to be found
Further along the road I drove to this high vantage point looking down at Red Mountain where the paintbrush covered the hillsides

I did a bit of macro while waiting for sunset


As I was cooking dinner I could hear a Pika nearby so I went to investigate and found him perched on a rock right next to my camp, I pulled out my camera and slowly worked my way towards him, to my surprise he did not scurry off like most Pika, he was quite brave! At one point I was only a few feet from him.

The unfortunate consequence of this was burnt bacon :( is this shot worth burnt bacon? I'm not so sure, bacon rules over anything else.

As the sun began to set it created an interesting dynamic with the thunderstorms to the west and the sun hitting Red Mountain.


My patience was once again rewarded as the clouds turned purple as the final light of the day hits the peaks in the distance.