Pawnee Buttes and Nighttime Light Painting

Sunday afternoon Jon Blake hit me up on facebook too see if I wanted to go out to the Pawnee Buttes to catch a sunset, I was feeling very lazy and almost stayed home to edit the images I took at the sand dunes. After some coaxing he convinced me to head out to the plains.

I had never been to this overlook of the buttes before, and I will definitely be going back! The sunset was a bit lack luster this night, but I've had much worse.


I've never seen this particular flower in Pawnee before, so I was commited to putting it in my foreground. The wind was blowing a bit so there was no way to get the depth of field I needed and freeze the flower, so I took two shots. One was focused on the flower and the second focused on the buttes, I then used Auto-Blend Layers in Photoshop to combine the 2 images which worked perfectly!


As the sun set the skies to the west lit up and I made the best of the windmill dotted landscape




The plan after sunset was to visit an abandoned home that I've photographed many times before in daylight, I have wanted to do this house at night for many years, but it is simply way too creepy to go by yourself at night. So armed with flashlights, strobes, and some very cool led lights that Jon picked up on Amazon, we set out to do some light painting with stars in the sky. We played around with many different colors and lighting scenarios and ended up with what you see below...creepy right? Can you see the ghost?