Gold King Basin

On day 2 of my trip I ventured from Governor Basin and ventured up to Imogene Pass, the flowers were very nice in this area but the lighting was harsh so I continued up to the top, there is an area to stop at the top of the pass, I then hiked a short but steep distance to the top to see one of the most grand, majestic views I've ever seen. (click to make it larger, this is the only way to view it)


After Imogene I decided the conditions were prime for a good sunset, but in the San Juans there are not many good sunset locations, then I remembered a location I had tentative plans of going to that was South of Telluride, so I made the long trek down Imogene Pass and headed to Gold King Basin. I was pleasantly surprised to see a very nice variety of wildflowers with a number of healthy Columbines.


As the sun began to set behind thunder clouds the rays slipped through in gorgeous beams of light on the landscape.

When the sun approached the peaks in the distance it reached through a narrow slit in the clouds to create this dramatic scene.


The final light of the day transformed the clouds into vibrant colors
I enjoyed a nice bratwurst dinner on the grill and headed back towards Ridgway for the next round of the trip, stay tuned!