My New Favorite Writing Tool

For the past 4 months I have done little writing, even though I desired to. I never learned to write by hand properly, my handwriting is ineligible and I'm slow. Carrying around a moleskin was not working for me, my generation is probably the first to experience a lack of need to write by hand because of the computer. It's sad and I've tried to make it better, but the truth is I wasn't motivated enough to change.

The battery life of my laptop is not fantastic, and I wanted to save the battery for doing post processing. Plus it always felt like a chore digging out the 17" behemoth and booting it up. I thought about getting a small notebook, but they are expensive and the battery life is not that great either.


In my search I came across a keyboard that I can connect via bluetooth to my iPhone, it pairs up quickly and reliably, has all the typical iOS buttons you would find on an expensive Apple keyboard. The best part is the price, $20, that's crazy. Unlike my expensive laptop I'm not afraid to use this outside, if I drop it in the dirt or it suddenly starts raining it's almost a non issue. Plus this thing is lightweight and tiny, I can throw it anywhere I have room. Highly recommended for any traveling writers.

My iPhone is plugged into the GoalZero Sherpa 100 which is charged while I'm driving or with solar panels.

I use evernote to do my writing so everything is synced in the cloud. While I'm writing I turn off cellular to save my battery and kill the distractions. I listen to Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" which was designed to calm the mind, it makes the words flow freely for me. Expect to see a lot more blog posts now, I've already written a few since I received it today!

Note: Affiliate link above, this helps support me and costs you nothing extra